Information on the Shingle Processes
Application and Repairs of Cedar Shingles 
Expensive tools or a specialized education are not required to install Longfellow’s Cedar Shingles. Application will require a hammer, tape measure, chalk line and galvanized shingle nails for roofing or siding. Cedar Shingles can also be applied with pneumatic fasteners. If a shingle is broken or if a door or window is added to your project, repairs are easily accomplished by even the average home owner. 
By-products of Longfellow’s Cedar Shingles 
At Longfellow’s Shingle Mill, we are able to make use of all by-products of the mill. The by-products include cedar bark mulch, cedar hair, cedar slab bundles, shims, and cedar fence posts. These products are available in limited quantities. Contact Us for more information.
Saw Dust 
The sawdust, the edging pieces, the log ends and even the bark pieces are processed and sold as Cedar Wood Mulch and Bark Mulch.  
The slabs are bundled and sold as campfire wood and kindling wood. 
Cedar Hair 
The cedar hair, the by-product of the large main saw, is perfect for stuffing or as a packing material. This is natural, safe, and attractive for displays, gardens, or commercial packing use. 
The shingles that are processed, but are not 3” wide are bundled into a standard 40 row by 20” wide bundle and sold for shims. The bundles hold approximately 240 shingles. These are perfect for installing doors, windows, or other projects requiring shims. 
Fence Posts 
We frequently purchase our logs in tree length, leaving us with tree tops that are too small to make into shingles. These are cut to 6’-8’ and sold as fence posts.
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