Why Choose Longfellows?
Our family produces quality northern white cedar shingles from cedar trees grown here in Maine. At our mill in Windsor we take the cedar trees through every stage of the sawing process. First the trees are debarked outside. We then take these trees into the mill where they are cut to length, sawed, graded, re-squared and re-butted. The quality of our product is very important to each of us here at Longfellow’s Cedar Shingles. As the shingles pass though each set of hands, they are carefully checked for quality. This vigilance helps to insure the consistent value of our product.
Information and Benefits Regarding Cedar Shingles
Cedar is an ideal choice for roofing as well as interior and exterior wall covering. There are many reasons why it is the second oldest siding known to man. Cedar offers a high degree of insulation. This serves to minimize heat loss in the winter months as well as lower the cooling costs in the summer. Cedar is also a highly effective sound barrier. It is long lasting and practically maintenance free. Of all the different species of wood available for roofing or siding applications, White Cedar is among the most durable. The natural oils found in the wood make it insect and fungus resistant. When applied with 5” to the weather, 16″ cedar shingles will afford three layers of overlapping wood to prevent even the most stubborn winds and weather from penetrating your home. Cedar siding and roofing has been applied to all types of projects in all types of climates. The reputation and durability of this product cannot be denied. Cedar Shingles offer durability, dependability, as well as a unique beauty that has graced the homes of many for centuries. 
Custom pre-staining and pre-finishing services
Longfellow’s Cedar Shingles offers custom pre-staining and pre-finishing services. Your building project may require a pre-finished product. We will accommodate you, including pre-finishing your shingles in whatever color and brand stain your project requires.
We Can Even Pressure Treat Your Shingles!
We will pressure treat our shingles for your project in the traditional pale green color or a new coffee brown mocha color.  The process is Micropro III provided by Osmose, the most environmentally friendly method of pressure treating on the market.  
Our staff stands ready to assist you. We are eager to answer any questions you have. We'll help you make the right decision about your shingle needs.
We are a family owned and operated Maine business. Our mill produces high quality shingles every day. We are equipped to meet your shingle needs.