Purchasing Units of Shingles
Cedar Shingles are commonly sold by the “square”. A square of shingles consists of four(4) twenty inch wide bundles and will cover at least 100 square feet of wall or roof with five inches exposed to the weather. Shingles can be purchased by the bundle, each bundle covering 25 square feet.
The bundling of Longfellow’s Cedar Shingles is yet another example of our commitment to excellence. When comparing our shingle bundles to those of other mills, you will see the care taken in bundling our product. There are forty (40) rows of shingles in a standard bundle. These rows are 20” across. There is a maximun of four shingles per row. When making a bundle, we leave as little space between these shingles as possible. This insures the customer is getting the full measure in each bundle.  
If each 20” row was packed with no air space, there would be (40 rows x 20“) 800 possible linear inches of shingle to use. Applied at 5” to the weather, this would allow 27.78 square feet of coverage per bundle. The small air space between the shingles in each row reduces the gross volume of each bundle to approximately 25 square feet per bundle. 
Our shingles come in a great variety of widths varying from 3”-16”. We do not include shingles that measure less than 3 1/2″ wide in our bundles. The majority of shingles in a bundle are between 5”-10” in width. To insure that a bundle is not comprised mainly of smaller shingles, we do not put more than four(4) shingles in any row. 
We are confident that the customer will be satisfied with the quality and consistency of each bundle purchased at our mill.

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